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Gimar Golf is a division of Forging Technologies, a specialized company serving the forging and metal forming industries around the globe... They are studying processes for the production of the most sophisticated forged components in steel and super-alloys. Their team has a long established industrial experience in the forging and metal forming industry at worldwide level... They want to bring to the world of golf the same passion for perfection, exclusivity and Swissness with which they have created their engineering reputation around the globe.


It will not be long before the Swiss are recognised not only for their watches and chocolates. The Swiss are without doubt the ultimate watch makers in the world. Precision components, accuracy and exclusivity make you think Swiss. Now, what if this same attention to exactness were applied to golf club manufacture?  Well the wait is over, Gimar Golf's creator Dr Gianni Martinelli has now done just that and delivered some stunning quality heads to the golf industry. When you first speak with Gianni you can instantly tell that he is an industry specialist operating at the highest level, a man of knowledge and integrity.  Using his huge wealth of experience in the forging industry Gianni and his team have developed superior purity and quality of materials as their starting point. These materials are exclusive low carbon steels and have names like Forgitech U360, and U410. They then couple this with their carefully designed near net forging process; this guarantees uniform properties and a reproducible standard of extremely high quality for the finished club heads.


What does that really mean for us golfers?  It gives us the ultimate in exceptional feel, feedback, consistency and superb sound on their components. If you consider that Forging Technologies normally work to the stringent tolerances for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries they are certainly a most welcome addition to the golf manufacturing world. It therefore leads us to conclude that these are top of the class, very desirable and compare this range of heads as the Bentley of golf.

When the leader in the field of metal forming puts their hand to golf club manufacturer, you have got to stand up and take notice.



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