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As trusted and certified equipment professionals, our commitment is to provide you with a detailed and thorough analysis.

Custom Building is not just for the Tour Pro or accomplished golfer. It is for everyone, be they young, old, large, small, short or tall. In reality none of us are the same, just like our finger prints differ, so do our golf swings. It is this difference that we embrace at the Golf Diagnosticks Studio. Our experience tells us that custom fitting your golf clubs will enhance your enjoyment of the game. Better still, it will reduce your scores. Clubs sold off the rack are built to a so called average size and swingweight. This means that the majority of these clubs are ill suited to us. Ill fitted golf clubs cause us to change our technique, thus creating bad habits. At the Golf Diagnosticks Studio we will build clubs to your exact specifications. These include length, loft, lie, shaft profile and grip thickness to name a few. Let us custom fit your next set of clubs, you will be in safe hands.


Damian Donnelly has been trained by some of the best names in the industry, people like Tom Wishon of Tom Wishon Golf Technology, Kevin Redfern European Clubmaker of the year and the late Barry Willett of the European Tour to name a few. Damian was also a founder member of the AGCP and is a Level 10. He is constantly in correspondence with some of the best club head designers in the world.



Our sessions last about 2 hours. Rest assured we are commited to building you the best clubs you have ever had. We will strip away all the jargon and answer your questions.

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