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"I cannot speak highly enough of Damian’s service and am pleased to report that I have convinced several of my fellow golfers to have him build clubs for them. What always amazes them is that these are invariably better clubs for them than off the shelf".

Andrew Barratt




 "I’ve known Damian for several years now, and we have corresponded a lot about technical matters related to clubfitting. From these correspondences, I can tell you it is very easy to know why Damian is a good clubfitter. Not only does he have very good knowledge from his study and experience, but he has an interest and a passion for clubfitting that truly complements his knowledge". 

Tom Wishon




"The thorough evaluation of my technique allowed Damian to build the best set of irons I have ever played with".

Andy Hooper


"My 1st fitting experience & I can vouch for fitting full stop. Damian was patient and honest. There was a decent choice of options and I was over the moon with the results! Even then Damian gave me the option of tweaking the clubs if I didn't get on with them. Superb service".

Dwayne Cowans

When it comes to our products you will find that the Golf Diagnosticks Studio is second to none. Every product we offer is of the highest quality in both design and workmanship. We have carefully selected each and every clubhead to suit the whole spectrum of golfers that come through the door. The latest titanium designs in woodheads as well as steel compositions are all available. We use forgings and investment castings made by only the top foundries. In reality we have a clubhead just for you that can be fitted just for you. We have conducted extensive and exhaustive research in this area for all the products we endorse be they heads shafts or grips. We have access to hundreds of different designs and combinations of grip, shaft and clubhead. So when we say "we have got something for you!" trust us we actually have, all you have to do is pay us a visit.

Here at The Golf Diagnosticks Studio we pride ourselves in offering the full selection of designs from Tom Wishon Golf TechnologyORKA Golf and the all new Gimar Golf designs. All of these heads are at the forefront of Iron and Metal wood technology. We have personally picked what we feel to be the best from the best. From beta titanium to steel we have them all to suit the novice right through to the tour professional. We will custom fit you with a product that gives you the optimum in distance and accuracy. At The Golf Diagnosticks Studio our finger is permanently on the pulse of the ever-changing world of golf head technology. This gives us the edge to bring you the best components that are available in the market place today. For more information give us a call, it would be our pleasure to assist.



As equipment professionals we are here to help you. We inspect our built clubs through every stage of the process to ensure optimum quality and performance.


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