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What is a professional clubmaker?

A "professional clubmaker" is dedicated to the craft of clubmaking. We work on an ethic of providing each and every individual with equipment specifically made to their characteristics. We use the lastest techniques and technology to truly custom fit. The specifcations for each and every club made, are stringently adhered to. We are truly independent and offer impartial advice on all equipment related matters.



Why should I buy from an equipment professional?

(Instead of off-the-rack in the store or from a fitting cart)
We are all unique. Like our fingerprints, nobody swings exactly the same. When you buy clubs off-the-rack you are buying a "one-club-fits-all" set. With out doubt you can play golf with the clubs but they are not built to fit your own technique. Take a look next time you go to the driving range and confirm that no two golfers are the same. We all have different swing speeds, swing plane, transition and release to name a few. Each of these characteristics can be measured or recorded. A clubmaker has the skills to select what are the optimum specifications that suit an individuals characteristics.

A professional clubmaker, is an equipment expert. He is constantly updating his skills and expertise, he is more than aware of the latest technology in shafts, grips and heads. He knows how to take a swing characteristic and convert that into a recomendation for a particular shaft etc..




Is it expensive to have my clubs custom fit?

We can all afford the services of a Professional Clubmaker! Even though you receive individual attention from an equipment specialist who understands your individual needs, custom fitted clubs are in most cases no more expensive than clubs bought from the various golf outlets.

Don’t make the mistake of buying golf clubs on the basis of the brand name, model name or what pros play that brand. Don’t believe the myth that custom fit golf clubs only help low handicap golfers. Professionally custom fit golf clubs are proven to enable golfers of all abilities, and especially those with a handicap between 12 and 25, to be able to play to the best of their ability.

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